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Game Shows: Why we love them!

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Source: ABC Youtube Channel

Game shows have been a fabric of our lives since television came into existence. From To Tell the Truth, The Newlywed Game, Joker’s Wild and Hollywood Squares had families would gathering around the television and enjoying their favorite hosts and celebrities help ordinary people win money and prizes. The fascinating thing about game shows is that no matter how the television has changed, or technology has advanced, people still gravitate to game shows.

Game shows such as Let’s Make a Deal or the ever present The Price is Right or evening staples like, Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and Family Feud have always been there for generations. They have shown us is that no matter what is going on in the world, it will be there. Game shows have evolved into more reality show based shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Big Brother and The Circle; also displaying talents like American Idol, the Voice, and Masked Singer, rather than just answering questions. We also have shows that display all sorts of talents like Hell’s Kitchen and Top Chef for cooking, Project Runway and RuPaul’s Drag Race for fashion and of course we can’t leave out sports-oriented game shows like Cannonball, Amazing Race, Holey Moley and Wipeout just to name a few.

According to the Hollywood Reporter as of January 2021, game show viewership has increased especially since we all have been home and used to watching the shows again. ABC has dedicated a whole line up of games from 100k Pyramid, To Tell the Truth and Press Your Luck around and doing competitions. The other thing that keeps families engaged are the game shows like Ellen’s Game of Games and Beat Shazam hosted by Jaime Foxx and the apps that go with the show that brings hope that families at home could possibly win cash and prizes. Game Shows have always been a part of our lives. They are a comfort to us whether we realize it or not when we, as a country are going through good and bad times.

Are you watching game shows? Which ones are your favorite? Will you continue to watch now that more things are opening? Let’s discuss.

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