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Only Murders in the Building: A Quirky fun ride

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Only Murders in the Building is more of a dramedy than an all- out comedy. This Hulu show stars Steve Martin as Charles Haden Savage, a retired actor, Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, who is a Broadway director that is struggling financially to stay afloat, and Selena Gomez who plays Mabel Mora, a woman who is renovating her aunt’s apartment in the Upper West Side apartment where they all live. These three strangers come together due to a murder in the building. Charles and Oliver decide to start a podcast based on this murder, and Mabel decides to join them to help solve her friends murder even though Charles and Oliver are not aware of her connection to the victim.

Source: Hulu YouTube Channel

The first episode drew me in by the instant chemistry of Martin and Short. Gomez fits right on in with the comedy legends even though it took me about the third episode to find their partnership believable. This show not only gave us how the trio goes about solving the murder of Tim Kono but also gave us a glimpse of their lives. What I found is that they each are longing for a positive relationship and connection in their lives. By the end of the series, these three become like family.

The actual cause of the murder took as many twists and turns as do the suspects. Our sleuths stumble upon clues and develop a following by reporting their findings for their podcast that they created to give more visibility to Charles and money to Oliver. Mabel contributes as well by helping putting the clues together. It was cute when the small fanbase posted outside of the building and at one point, Oliver invites them to help them solve the case.

Only Murders in the Building is a fun ride with plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing who did it. I hope this gets a second season because the finale opened itself to one and I’m here for it.

Did you enjoy Only Murders in the Building? Do you want a season 2? Let’s discuss!

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2 Kommentare

26. Nov. 2021

Only Murders in the Building. This is on my next watch list. I haven't watched a movie with Steve Martin in many moons. I know it will be great.

Gefällt mir
15. Dez. 2021
Antwort an

Its a really fun show!

Gefällt mir
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