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Run The World: A show about life!

Source: IMDb

Run the World is a new series from Yvette Lee Browser who also created Living Single has a new show on Starz about four girlfriends and their struggles as they navigate life. The four friends, Whitney, played by Amber Stevens West, Ella played by Andrea Bordeaux, Renee played by Breasha Webb and Sondi Played by Corbin Reid.

Source: Starz Youtube Channel

This show is a great at depicting friendships. We go through relationship ups and downs, controversial decision making and starting new business ventures all with the help and support of our friends. This show is a mix of Living Single and Girlfriends. To me though its more drama with comedy mixed in. All four friends are going through some type of crisis in their personal and professional lives, and they rely on each other to get them through it all.

The actresses that play friends, really have great chemistry. They are believable as friends which makes the storylines and conflicts more believable. The episodes are 30 minutes which to me are too short. The writing on the show is also good. They put the characters in situations that people can relate to in real life. The finale really made you want more and hopefully we get to see the resolutions to some of the things that are going on with the friends. I really enjoyed this show.

The questions that I have left from the finale are, Will we find out the future of Whitney and Ola’s relationship, will Renee be successful at her business, will Ella get back to writing the things that she wants and will Sondi get the commitment she needs from her man considering all the sacrifices she has made.

Did you enjoy Run the World? Are you hoping for a season 2? Let’s discuss!

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